Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science

CEFAS is a technical centre working with fisheries and aquaculture industries. Within CEFAS, the Marine Litter Team has years of expertise in working in the treatment of marine litter and in particular plastic pollution, ranging from observation of larger debris to microplastic monitoring. Cefas is also part of the DEFRA Network (Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs) and work in collaboration with government, national agencies, NGOs, Research Councils and private sector. Its strength lies in the development of specific scientific programs that provide solid evidence to support decision making.

The main role of CEFAS in the project is to carry out ageing tests using samples of biodegradable plastics in different environments (air, seawater, eulittoral and sublittoral zones, seabed, sediments, or compost). Mechanisms and rates of degradation will then be measured by UBS. CEFAS also participates in the bibliographic studies with the contribution of a situation analysis report and the socio-economic team will involve in the psycho-ergonomic analysis. Furthermore, CEFAS plays an essential role in influencing public authorities.

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