Ifremer’s Laboratory of Biology and Fishery Technology (LTBH) has extensive expertise and knowledge of the fishing gear used on the French coast. Thanks to its proximity to the professional fishing sector, the LTBH also has a good understanding of fishing practices which have a direct impact on the life of gear: risk of loss, wear and tear, need for renewal.

The role of the LTBH is to deepen this knowledge through surveys of professional fishermen. The results of the surveys will be used to feed the reflection on the integration of biomaterials in gear. In parallel, the FBTL propose to census lost fishing gears using participative science. For that, a mobile application and a web site will be developed to be used by divers, boaters, fishermen or naturalists to report any lost fishing gear observed using their smartphone camera. Then, lost fishing gears will be identified and mapped, the reason of their abandon will be investigated and the FBTL will work in collaboration with the UBS on the elements of the gears that could be made of biodegradable material in order to stop their fishing capacity.

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