Regional Institute on Advanced Materials

IRMA (Regional Institute on Advanced Materials) is an association governed by French law, founded in 1990. Technical Centre based in Lorient, IRMA developed, in collaboration with industrials, innovative technologies in two areas: the environment and energy. Since 2015, IRMA has evolved its activity towards the service provision for industrials in the field of environmental impact measurement of innovative products.

In the INdIGO partnership, IRMA focuses on the development of a protocol for ecotoxicity testing in the marine environment, not yet developed (Work Package n°3). In relation with the current situation related to the awareness of the state of the oceans, IRMA have to work upstream of the demand, returning to basic and experimental research. One of the objectives is to be able to prove by scientific mean that, during its degradation, the new product does not release toxic substances for the marine ecosystem.

2 allée Copernic
56270 Ploemeur – France