Marine South East

Marine South East (MSE) is a sector consortium for marine industries, established in 2005, to stimulate investment and growth by marine and maritime companies. MSE engages with a large cluster of over 3300 marine companies and professionals, research organisations and public sector bodies. The cluster exploits strong historical strengths in various fields: marine equipment manufacture, building and operation, ports and maritime logistics, marine energy, etc., and is focussed upon developing capability to exploit the emerging ‘Blue Growth’ markets, particularly including marine energy and sustainable marine resource extraction.

MSE’s expertise in the commercialization of new technologies will be used as part of the INdIGO project to promote the commercialization and sustainability of the products developed. In addition, its strong involvement in professional and institutional networks will be an essential asset in disseminating project results to key stakeholders such as end users, manufacturers and policy makers.

Venture Road
Southampton Science Park
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