NaturePlast is a company specialised in the development of bioplastics. Its activities are :

– The distribution of raw materials: several hundred references of biosourced and/or biodegradable materials (PLA, PHAs, PBS, starch bases…) via a worldwide supply network.

Services: project engineering, technical support, training…

Research & Development with its owned daughter company Biopolynov: their compounding facilities allow them to develop and produce compounds with improved properties depending of their customers and applications needs and requirements.

NaturePlast’s main role in the project will be to develop customised biodegradable formulations adapted to the targeted prototypes in collaboration with the University of South Brittany, as well as to provide support in the technico-economic analysis. On a laboratory scale, the formulations will be implemented and characterised at NaturePlast’s request by its daughter company, BiopolyNov, which owns the necessary equipment for these works.

11 rue François Arago
14123 Ifs – France