Study of marine ageing and environmental impact of the new material

This work package is dedicated to studying the behaviour of the product in the marine environment, while ensuring that there is no impact on the environment.

The fishing and aquaculture professionals targeted in work package 1 will participate in the deployment at sea of the biodegradable prototypes so that their use in real conditions and ageing can be tested. The aim of these tests is to improve and optimise the prototypes.

In parallel, physico-chemical tests will be carried out to study the ageing of the biodegradable material in natural conditions.

This module also includes the study of the environmental impact of the new product. Biodegradation and ecotoxicity tests will be carried out in the marine environment in order to scientifically verify that the products developed can be assimilated by marine organisms without any impact on the marine environment.

A life cycle analysis is also planned as part of this work package. This tool will allow to assess the environmental impacts at each stage of the product’s life, from the extraction of the raw material to the end of its life.