Best practices for harbours

Net Regeneration Scheme

The Net Regeneration Scheme (NRS) offers free recycling facilities for end-of-life fishing gear and marine plastic in a traceable and sustainable manner, an excellent alternative to sending gear to landfill, incineration or to it being abandoned at sea. By removing cost barriers, the scheme also supports fisherman to collect lost fishing gear and marine plastic waste whilst out at sea further supporting sustainability and clean ups within the fishing industry. 

The infographic below was created by the INdiGO project and shows the recycling routes currently used by Odyssey innovation’s Net Regeneration Scheme.

Example of signage in fishing ports
See also the instructional videos for fishermen on recycling fishing gear

How to prepare a gill net for recycling

Preparing gill net for recycling through the Net Regeneration Scheme.

Instructional video for fishers on dismantling and preparation of plastics for recycling.

Recycling rigid plastic fishing gear through the Net Regeneration Scheme.