University of South Brittany (UBS)

Two components of the University of South Brittany are involved in the INdIGO project. This is the ComposiTIC technical platform which is a structure attached to the Dupuy de Lôme Research Institute (from the French National Centre for Scientific Research – CNRS) specialising in the implementation of innovative composites via the design of materials and automated processes based on robotic fibre placement technology. The other entity is the Lab-STICC (multidisciplinary research laboratory in the field of Information and communication science and technology). This CNRS laboratory is specialized in social psychology and psycho-ergonomics. It focuses its research on the human aspects of interactions, whether interactions between individuals or interactions with machines or systems.

UBS is involved at several levels in the INdIGO project. First of all, the University is in charge of managing and coordinating the entire project. In terms of actions, the ComposiTIC technical platform is mainly involved in the manufacture of the filament and in durability tests. UBS aims to develop and deepen its scientific knowledge base on the behaviour of biodegradable plastics submerged in the marine environment, in order to become the reference in Europe. The lab-STICC is working on the acceptability and appropriation of a new fishing gear. The aim is to identify the levers and points blocking the acceptance of new fishing gear and to create an environment that facilitates the appropriation of fishing nets, so that they can be used in a sustainable way.

University of South Brittany
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